Our Mission

To provide a professional, transparent Real Estate Service for the people of Canada.

Our Vision

To build a National Real Estate Service that benefits our customers and the real estate industry as a whole. Our objective is to provide a more transparent method of buying and selling real estate in Canada through the open forum of a live auction.

Our Values

Canadian Realty Auctions conducts business and hires Real Estate Professionals based on values of character and abilities to perform duties in a professional manner.

Our Team

Wilf has sold single and multi-family real estate in Canada and Australia for more than 30 years. He trained and was licensed as an Auctioneer through the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Australia, where he was active for several years and witnessed firsthand the benefits of the auction process.

Since returning to Canada in 1999, he has been fully engaged in the real estate sector. Wilf has sold many pre-construction buildings throughout the Okanagan.

Experiencing the lack of transparency of multiple offer procedures in Canada, Wilf established Canadian Realty Auctions. Together with a talented professional team he brings the effective and proven auction process to Canadian home sellers/buyers.

Wilf is a graduate of the UBC Sauder School of Business and holds a Broker’s Licence with BCFSA. Contact Wilf for a free comparative market appraisal and discover why the auction process is the best way to sell your home.


Wilf Lethbridge

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